The Heart of Weight Loss

I came across this quote the other day and it really struck me as the core element to sustaining weight loss.

Success with weight loss starts in the Head,

                  Moves to the Heart,

and then Lastly, involves the mouth and the stomach.”

Before any change can take place, we must make a decision.  “I want to do this”.  ”I’m willing to make the changes I need to to be successful.”  “I will make different choices.”  “I want a to create a different life.”  Those are some of the millions of decisions we need to make, starting in the head, to lose the weight.

Then we move to our heart and get our emotions involved.  We make a commitment – to ourselves, our spouse or maybe to our kids.  “This is important, I am important.” ”I love myself and want to treat my body with love and kindness by fueling it with healthy food.”  ”This is the person I want to be.”  “I want this”.  And we can begin to see ourselves in a different way because we now know, in our hearts, that it’s going to happen.

After all that hard work is done, only then does it come down to what food we put in our bodies.  Once we’ve made the changes in our hearts and minds the rest is easy because-

                       We always take better care of the things we love.

Where are you in this process?

Write a comment and let me know!



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