You can succeed at weight loss!You’ve got weight loss questions. I’ve got some surprising answers.

Is this a diet?

If you’re like most people you probably don’t want or need another diet.  I don’t want to tell you what to eat, I want to help you to listen to your own body so it can tell you what to eat!  Your body knows when it’s hungry and when it’s satisfied, it knows what nourishing food it wants, we’ve just gotten away from listening to what it has to say.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

What we’ve found is that with today’s busy lifestyles, many people find it much easier to lose weight with the support of a coach. Imagine having someone in the trenches with you to teach you proven tools, celebrate your successes, pick you up when your confidence lags, and help make this the last time you’ll need to lose weight!  You’ll wonder why you ever tried it alone.

You will succeed!Are you going to judge me?

As your coach, my role is to give you the tools and support to be successful in your goal to lose weight and be more at peace. I won’t judge you or your progress, and I won’t ask you to report your weight to me. I am primarily interested in finding the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and help you get rid of those beliefs. We’ll start slow and build momentum as you begin to learn more about your thinking, your beliefs, and your triggers to eating.

How does coaching work?

At our first meeting, we’ll discuss the specifics about where you are now, create your vision for wellness, and design the ideal plan to get you there. Coaching is done either over the phone or in my office. Together, we’ll set weekly and long-term goals, discover your strengths, address your challenges, and apply the strategies and principles you’ve been learning.

How do I know if I’ll succeed?

You will be wildly successful with coaching if you are truly ready to commit the time and emotional energy to do the work. My most successful clients make this work their top priority. They keep daily journals, do the homework, and are willing to look inside themselves.

How do I get started?

Just call me at 407-696-9909 and we can set up an initial free consultation. No pressure, no sales pitch. Just a great conversation to get you started! You may also use the contact page.

Don’t wait another minute!  Take control of your next meal now!

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